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Trade one of the most liquid asset classes in the world. Choose from our large selection of currency pairs.

Forex (abbreviation for Foreign Exchange) - currency exchange. Forex market is primarily considered to be the international currency market - the largest and most active financial market in the world. Its daily turnover exceeds 5 trillion dollars. This is more than the turnover of all national stock markets combined.

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Participate in the activities of the world's leading brands. Trade market movements in stocks.

A share is a security that is issued by a joint stock company, in other words, the issuing company. All investors who bought shares become co-owners of the company. A share confirms that its owner has a share in the company, even if it is very small.

Max. Leverage 1:20

The margin is only from 5%


Get instant access to the world's stock markets. Trade the market movement of indices.

Stock index - a composite index calculated on the basis of prices of a certain group of securities - "index basket".

15+ World's Most Popular Indices

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Take advantage of bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin without physically purchasing them.

Cryptocurrency is any form of currency in digital or virtual form; cryptocurrency uses encryption (cryptography) to protect transactions. There is no central authority to issue or regulate cryptocurrencies. A decentralized system is used to record transactions and issue new units.

Max. Leverage 1:20

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Trading in commodities without owning the financial instrument on which the contract is based.

A raw commodity is a commodity in its raw, unprocessed form.

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